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Otter Creek

by Richie


Otter Creek Outdoor Recreational Area
Muldraugh, Kentucky
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Located on the Ohio River, Otter Creek is a large wooded park that offers horse, bike, and hiking trails plus hunting and fishing. We came here to hunt. 

Nah – just kidding!


We spent a long day hiking around the creek, admiring spring flowers and the green-blue water rolling beneath limestone cliffs. On one trail we had to scrabble up those cliffs, climbing between boulders and squeezing around rocks. It was worth the effort – there was a great view of the Ohio River at the top. Good place to stop for a lunch of backpack sandwiches.OTTER 1

Our young dog, Coco, did just fine on this marathon hike. We didn’t need to carry her home this time!

Evenings were spent lolling at camp, enjoying beverages.