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French Broad River

Sevierville & Pigeon Forge
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Along Route 66 in Tennessee there’s a 20 mile strip of rides, restaurants, shopping and shows. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, this long road of tourist attractions runs from Sevierville, through Pigeon Forge, and ends in Gatlinburg. You can’t see it all in one week, but we tried our best!

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The southern states are mighty pretty in the summer but the heat can be unbearable. So we planned a trip for early June when the climate is more temperate and the bugs haven’t hatched out yet. And sure enough, it’s been bug-free and nicely cool but that’s because of the big thunderstorms rolling through every day. Record rainfall, they said. Lots of water. Well, two out of three ain’t bad!

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Up and Atom in Oak Ridge

by Richie

American Museum of Science & Energy
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

It’s all about splitting atoms in Oak Ridge, TN.  This is the birthplace of atomic energy and Oak Ridge was a vital part of the super secret Manhattan Project back in WWII. While the science for the atom bomb was developed in Los Alamos, the first nuclear weapon was actually put together here in Oak Ridge.

At the American Museum of Science and Energy we learned all about the history of atomic power and how Oak Ridge continues to play a key part in the advancement of energy science.

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Four-Wheeling at Windrock

by Richie


Windrock Park
Oliver Springs, Tennessee
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The Windrock brochure boasts that it’s the South’s Largest Off-Road Park, and that’s probably right. Windrock has over 72,000 acres and 300 miles of ATV trails spread out over several mountains.

We came here with our tricked-out four-wheeler to compete in the Black Death Cliff Event. It’s a whole afternoon of throttle-wide-open jumping and we came in second place.

Just kidding! There’s no Black Death Event and no way we’d jump off a cliff with an ATV!  But we did rent a four-wheeler to drive around Windrock for a day  – at a nice slow geezer speed with the seat belts fastened.

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