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My Favorite Smelly Spots

by Richie

Smelly spot

Old Annie was a dog that lived on the farm some years ago. She was gentle and kind and pleased to have company on a long walk. We would follow Annie through the woods, down to the creek, and all around the farm. Inevitably she’d lead us to a spot and stop. It would be an old stump or groundhog hole. Her tail would wag happily and she’d look up as if to say, ”See? Isn’t this great!” 

     “Why did she take us here?” I asked. 

     “It’s her favorite smelly spot,” Tim said. 

That’s been a saying of ours ever since. A favorite smelly spot. Meaning a place we like to revisit. I’ve got many favorite smelly spots around the farm. Places to sit on a mossy rock, rest under a cedar grove, or splash in the cool creek shallows.  

Today my favorite smelly spots were filled with spring flowers. Old Annie would be pleased.







Oh, and here’s good news – I had a photograph published in Shutterbug Magazine (May, 2017) 

On impulse Tim bought the magazine for me because the issue was about travel photography. I opened it up and saw my own picture! Didn’t know they had published it. 

Here’s the published photo. It’s from our Mt. Rushmore trip a few years back. While I was setting up a shot of the monument, a group stepped in front of me and decided to have a different viewpoint.  

“Different Angle On Rushmore”Drop - Rushmore

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