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Good Clean Fun

by Richie


It’s the simple things that are so much fun. Like a hot summer weekend spent camping with a whole bunch of family. 

We revisited the Mammoth Cave area last weekend, staying again at Jellystone Campground. Our RV was parked in a site right across from a sweet little (air conditioned) cabin where our multiple families could camp out in relative comfort.  

It was Water Wars weekend – for a whole afternoon the entire campground engaged in water battles. Armament included squirt guns and water cannons, garden hoses and water balloons, and plain old buckets. Two groups of campers waged war with homemade catapults that lobbed water balloons an impressive distance, with shouts of “Incoming!” heard around the park. Bands of roving snipers roamed around in electric golf carts ambushing bystanders with squirt guns. Even the local fire department got involved, spraying their hose on anyone who seemed game for a soak. 

We posted a white flag of surrender at our campsite which worked well to spare us from the worst of the drenching! 

The next day we toured a couple of local caves – dark and deliciously cool. Followed by visits to the peculiar rock shops and antique emporiums in the area. A great way to treat visiting family to some good clean fun.rocks



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Brad August 4, 2015 - 8:49 am

The water fight had to be a blast to be in the middle of, considering how warm the weekend ended up being. Very cool the whole fam was able to see each other and have a good time!

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