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Diversion Excursion

by Richie
Driveway Camping

Driveway Camping

A big family weekend in Ohio was the perfect excuse to pull the RV out of storage. We loaded up the coach and headed to my folks house to join up with relatives from Vermont. The weekend was a whirlwind of parties and food to celebrate Aunt Bon’s big birthday.

party time

Brunch was enjoyed by about a dozen of us, and Dad entertained the crowd with his excellent Italian-American reading of Goldilocchese and Di Tri Berese.


Di Tri Berese

Uans opponna taim uas tri berrese, mamma berre, pappa berre e beibe berre.
Liva inne contri nire foresta. Naise aus, no mugheggia.
Uanne dei Pappa, Mamma e beibe go bice, orie a furghetta locche di doore. Bai enne bai commese Goldilocchese. Sci garra nattinghe tu du batte meiche troble.
Sci puscie olle fudde daon di maute, no liva cromme. Denna sci gossa appesterrese enne slipse in olle di beddse. Leise slobbe! Bai enne bai commese omme di tri berrese, alle sannebronne enne send inne scius.
Dei garra no fudde, dei garra no beddse. Enne uara dei goine du to Goldilocchese? Tro erre aute inne strit? Colle pulissemenne? Fette cienze! Dei uas Italiane berrese, enne dei slippe onna florre!
Goldilocchese stei derre tri uicase, itte auta ausenome!
Enne giosta bicose dei esche erre tu meiche di beddse, sci sei “Go tu elle” enne runne omme craine tu erre mamma, etellenerre uat sanimabicese di tri berrese uere.
Uatsiuse? Uara iu goine du? Go compleine sittiolle?


We continued the festivities at a nearby casino. Recently opened and not widely promoted, Miami Valley Racetrack is a sparkling new property with acres of slot machines and live harness racing in the evenings. On Saturday the place was jumping. We all signed up for their Player’s Card, which gave us each $15 in credits for testing the slots. Happy to report that most of us made money on the free play! CASINO

Sunday afternoon found us parked at the giant IKEA store for a big look-around. Tim and I strolled about for three hours, drooling at all the contemporary furnishings and doo-dads. Okay, I want pretty much everything in the place!


On the way home a giant traffic jam on I-71 stalled us near Carrollton, Ky. According to my traffic app it looked like there would be a delay of several hours. Already gun-shy from slogging through an Epic Traffic Jam last fall, we diverted to Butler State Park. Our thought was to have a little supper in the coach and wait for the traffic to clear. But a couple of hours later it seemed easier just to camp overnight in the peace and quiet of the state park and hit the road Monday morning. Ah, the joys of owning an RV – you’re always at home, wherever you are!

Butler State Park

Butler State Park

It was a good long weekend filled with family, fun, and other swell diversions.
A nice start to the Spring!

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deckyon April 8, 2014 - 11:08 pm

very cool! loved the movie of “the Tri Berese”

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