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Deep Freeze

by Richie

A deep freeze has settled in from Texas to Maine. There’s no escaping it – it’s winter everywhere!


Last week we went to Ohio to visit my dad. The weather forecast looked awful so we traveled a day earlier than planned and, sure enough, nine inches of snow fell that night. But Ohio knows how to handle a winter storm and the county crews kept the roads pretty clear.

It’s lucky we were at my dad’s for this storm because his snow plow service had broke their blade and weren’t able to dig out his driveway. So Tim headed out with a shovel, ready for an afternoon of back-breaking labor, when a generous neighbor offered the use of his new snow blower. Heck, yeah! What guy doesn’t want to play with a brand new power tool?

We dug out enough to drive Dad to a bunch of appointments and grab him a haircut.

Our return trip had to be timed just right to avoid a series of incoming winter storms. We arrived home in Kentucky safely, only to hunker down for multiple rounds of ice and snow burying the area.

Unlike the big towns in Ohio, our rural area is challenged to plow all the little back roads. Forget about driving anywhere – just getting to our mailbox was a half-mile ice expedition!

After being house-bound for the better part of a week, I decided to dig out my old ski pants (they still fit!) and trundle down to the creek to check on the beaver family. This mound of snow and sticks is the beaver’s lodge and I expect they’re pretty cozy inside those mud walls.

Warmer temperatures are expected later next week and that should thaw things out. Meanwhile I’ll take a cue from our cats and just lounge around indoors. Ahhh – a long winter’s nap!

How are you holding up through this deep freeze? Got heat? Hot chocolate and marshmallows?


Karen Moore February 19, 2021 - 4:14 pm

Hi Richie and Tim! A cat nap is exactly how to spend these long winter days. Richie, your Dad looks great. I’m sure he was had to see you guys. Spring is on its way! ?

Beth Daniels February 19, 2021 - 1:16 pm

After the past batch of winters being mild, this year is like Mother Nature has been saving up to test us…as if the pandemic wasn’t enough! Have been house bound since the ice hit over a week ago. And even this hermette is getting cabin fever! Other than the car and driveway being covered, the ice coating in the trees and bushes has been interesting to view through the window. I swear, my tree out front is attempting to do the splits from the top down, or was trying to do a handstand and got frozen in place. As usual, you’ve treated us to some awesome photo, Richie! Don’t envy you the trek to the mailbox as I remember how your driveway has a steep hill as well as twists! Looking forward to the melt starting this weekend!

Peggy February 19, 2021 - 12:14 pm

Lots of snow white days! Bodhi dog loves the snow and didn’t mind the 20 degree temps. Playing “fetch” with a tennis ball was a challenge in 5 inch snow but Bodhi figured it out! Have had 4-6 dozen geese and ducks on the lake. Several cardinal families at the bird feeders added a bright red to the snow and ice covered tree branches. Fortunately our 2nd Covid vaccine was timed with Norton clinics open and we got ‘shot in the arm’ on Wednesday! Uncanny I woke up this morning thinking of you and wondering how you fared at the farm with the weather and now I know! Always enjoy your photos and commentary. Glad all are safe! and YES, almost daily hot chocolate and definitely with marshmallows!

denise February 19, 2021 - 10:21 am

another lovely photo, Richie

Debbie Warner February 19, 2021 - 10:18 am

Can’t wait for camping season! We are doing ok. I’m getting my right knee replaced in late April or May. Steve assures me he will put me in the camper and continue on! Hope to catch you on the road ❤️

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