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Put In Bay
South Bass Island, Ohio
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Did you ever find a place that was so good you can’t wait to go back?

Well, I found it –  the best kept secret in Ohio – Put In Bay!

In early October, the hottest week of the year was bearing down on our farm. Temperatures near 100 degrees were forecast and frankly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I pulled out a map and drew a line due north. My finger landed on Put In Bay, a tiny town on an island in Lake Erie.

Knowing nothing about the place, I packed up the RV and the dog and headed north, leaving poor Tim at home to deal with the cats and the oppressive heat.

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Are you a Coastie? Ever heard of the radio show Coast to Coast? It’s on in the wee hours of the morning – 1:00 to 5:00 am – so you’re pretty much a night owl if you listen to George Noory’s broadcast. Or, like us, you can listen online at a more sensible time of day.

Coast to Coast fans tune in to hear the far-out alternative news. Want to learn how to read tarot cards, talk to angels, or build a time machine? Or maybe you’ve got a Bigfoot or UFO story you want to share?  You can hear it all on Coast to Coast. Each night there’s a couple of experts who talk about their (wacky) fields. It’s mighty entertaining and some folks take it really seriously. George Noory is a pleasant radio host and hardly ever laughs at his guests, bless his heart. A couple times a year he puts on a live stage show, which is what brought us to Columbus, Ohio.

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This summer we welcomed part of our expat family for an extended visit. They live in Europe and haven’t been back to the US-of-A in a while. So home seemed a little foreign. “The cars are so big!” they said as soon as they stepped off the plane. Other American habits struck them as odd, like our super air-conditioned buildings and the constant drone of background noise from TVs. 

A two week stay at Summer Camp was on the girl’s agenda. They came halfway around the world to get dirty and sweaty at a good old-fashioned American camp in the woods.

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Hueston Woods

Oxford, Ohio
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What a surprise to find a good place to nest for a couple of days!

We don’t judge state parks too harshly – they do the best they can. Many were planned decades before giant RVs became popular, most are sorely underfunded, and we’re just happy the land has been dedicated to recreation at all. But Hueston Woods State Park was a delight in every way. We weren’t expecting a whole lot, but found a whole lot to do and see here.

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