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Camping with Cicadas at Hueston Woods

by Richie

Everybody came out of their shells this Memorial Day. We camped at Hueston Woods State Park along with hundreds of other families and a bazillion cicadas.


Located in western Ohio, Hueston Woods State Park has both a lodge and a campground. The lodge was built in the 1960’s with an Indian motif to honor the Miami tribe that once populated the area.

Hueston Woods

Hueston Woods

The lodge has giant murals depicting Native life based on first-hand accounts from white settlers. Of course since the murals were painted in the ’60’s all the men look fierce and the women are babes with big boobs.

Hueston Woods

In the center of Hueston Woods is Acton Lake. It’s what most people come here for – boating, swimming, fishing. And lots of sitting around.

We usually avoid going to state parks on a holiday weekend because they are super crowded. But my dad wanted a getaway, so he took a room at the lodge and we lucked into a campsite with a little bit of privacy.

There was no escaping the cicadas, though. Brood X was in full hatch and they crawled on every vertical surface to molt. We scraped them off chairs, picnic tables, and even the dog leash. These cicadas make a odd whirring noise – like a UFO from a old sci-fi movie.

Hueston Woods has a sandy beach and a dedicated area for dogs to swim. Coco loved that.

The dam at the far end seemed to be the fishing spot. Sitting on the bank getting a line wet.

We fooled around the Nature Center one morning. They have a raptor rehab program with live eagles, hawks, and owls on display.

We checked out the marina but the weather was a bit cool to rent a boat.

Lunch in the RV,  dinner at the lodge, and lots of lake watching. Dad thought it was a pretty tame weekend, but that’s what I like!

At least we’ve hatched out of our pandemic shell. Just like those crazy cicadas!


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Beth Daniels June 12, 2021 - 1:08 pm

Hueston Woods is lovely…not too long a drive from the Dayton area, my hometown, but it’s still been a really long time since I was there and I don’t think I saw as much of it as you did. Mostly we drove through. I did write it into one of my romantic comedy books though! Had my characters where the deer were in a fenced off enclosure. Guess that’s what made an impression on me. Never visited the lodge though. Looks like you had a lovely time. You’ve been doing quite a lot with your Dad this past year.

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