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Amped Up – Concert In The Neighborhood

by Richie

On a sultry summer evening we drove to the end of our road to see Cheap Trick at the new stage called The Amp.


The Amp at Log Still Distillery is a stone’s throw from our farm and they’re hosting some big name acts.

Drive down a country road, onto a gravel lane, past the corn and soybean fields, and into the designated parking lot for The Amp. A couple of beat-up vans (“the shuttles”) take you the rest of the way to the distillery.

Log Still is a new bourbon facility. It just opened this year. So far they have finished the tasting room and The Amp stage. They haven’t actually made any bourbon yet – the distillery plant is still being built.

General Admission tickets were $30 which got you stadium seating or a blanket on the grass.

We opted for the grass overlooking the stage, which got a little damp as night fell. I think next time we’ll spring for the upgraded tickets and get a real seat.

There’s really not a bad view anywhere at The Amp. It’s a small venue, holds 2000, and was half-full for the Cheap Trick concert.

Much of the property is still under construction. I think they’re building a restaurant next.

As night fell it was time for Lights, Camera, Concert!

A full moon rose over the knobs as Cheap Trick took the stage. They were a big 80’s band and still can rock the house!

The concert ended around 10:30 and the crowd dispersed quickly.

Man, I still can’t believe we have a live music venue so close to the farm! I mean, really, who would build something like this way out in the country?

Amped Up!!



Beth Daniels September 1, 2021 - 12:30 pm

You can tell I’m an “inside” girl. All I thought of were bugs! At least you didn’t have to go far for this jaunt!

Roger Gene Hoffman September 1, 2021 - 11:41 am

All roads go somewhere. Way cool when they lead to fun and an easy drive back home.

Debbie Warner September 1, 2021 - 10:54 am

Love it!! Fun!

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