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Creatures Of The Renaissance Fair

by Richie


Ren Fair

Winged faeries, trolls and changelings, damsels and warriors all came out for opening day of the Kentucky Renaissance Fair.



The village of Eminence, Kentucky was overrun with strange and unusual creatures as the Ren Fair got underway.

It’s a gathering from all corners of folklore and fairytale, with food, grog, and entertainment. Even mud wrestling!

There’s a shady forest at the heart of Ren Fair. Beware what might crawl out!

Here shopkeepers have set up their tents in the woods. Commerce aplenty.

Next to the jousting court, young damsels tried to fight with sword and shield. No maiden blood was shed.

Over at the Viking Longhouse, music drifted through the open doors calling in the curious.

The unwashed entertained at the mud pit.

And the pub crawled with lads and lassies partaking of spirits.

A fine day with some good knights.


The Kentucky Renaissance Fair is open every Saturday & Sunday through July. Bring your fairy wings!

Visit kyrenfaire.com







Gene+Hoffman June 6, 2023 - 12:56 pm

Crazy fun.

Beth Daniels June 6, 2023 - 11:30 am

Cool! I didn’t know there was a Ren Fair in KY. I attended one in Ohio southeast of Dayton more than once (before the legs decided lots of walking and standing was no longer their gig) where the “town” was a permanent feature though the fair was only “playing” for, I think, six weeks and only on Saturday and Sunday. Loved the jousting events and the “troll” cookies maidens strolled through the crowds selling. There were regular appearances of players on stage where a comedic retelling of something led to actors being tossed off the stage and into a mud pit, too. Only those who were new to the fair ever sat near the stage where getting splashed with mud always happened. 🙂

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