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by Richie

Pointelle; noun: 1fabric with small holes; 2. pointless art


Melody Lake



Melody Lake

Melody Lake



Holy Cross



Downtown Louisville







Louisville Water Company

Louisville Water Co.



Someone asked me what’s the point of all these photographs.

Heck, I don’t know. What’s the point of anything? 

People with a real sense of purpose never ask that question. They consider their work important and that’s reason enough. 

Me, I’ve never had a strong calling. Never found anything I was especially good at. I just try to get through each day without falling into a pit of despair. So I look for things that bring me joy. That’s not so unusual, is it? 

Why not seek out the stuff that makes you happy? I like being outdoors. I like to take walks. And if a woodland scene or sunlit building catches my attention, I try to capture that in a photograph. Is that enough of a reason? 

Or does art have to be honed to a snarky conclusion to be truly appreciated?

I document the dilution of the human soul
through juxtaposition
of light and shadow
on old cow sheds.

Yeah, that gives me a sense of purpose. Thanks for asking.