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Niagara Falls

by Richie

The first you hear – a gentle rush
Wind blowing in the cane?
And then the sound increases such
Perhaps it’s coming rain


But there’s a thrum beneath it all
A thing so large and deep
It pounds upon the air and ground
You feel it in your feet

And slow the greenish waters pass
No haste within its flow
But now a rock, a nicked crevasse
Then faster it must go

When next you spy a rising mist
An airy veil, a plume
And something in your breast insists
That you must reach this flume

 Excitement builds, it’s louder still
As you approach the ledge
The water speeds with force and will
And perils at the edge


And then it leaps – the long long fall
The course cannot be stopped
With thrash and churn it flings its all
Until the water’s dropped 


Your mouth agape, you daren’t breathe
And clinging to the rail
You stand and watch and cannot leave
It holds you without fail

The mist, the roar, the mighty plunge
The wonder of it all
It’s why we’ve come so far from home
To see Niagara Falls!

Early morning poem by Richie