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Oh Canada!

by Richie
Niagara Falls
Ontario, Canada

Today we opted to travel off the interstate and follow Rt. 20 across the top of western New York State. This is the Chautauqua Wine Trail, and there are thousands of acres of grapes growing in every direction. The vineyards are planted right up to the road, surrounding every little house along the way. Regrettably, we couldn’t find a winery with a parking lot big enough to  accommodate the motorhome, so we haven’t any wine to sample.

We passed along the backside of Buffalo, and it ain’t very pretty. Lots of dilapidated giant industrial structures hulking into the distance. Passports in hand, we crossed the Peace Bridge into Canada. No traffic going in, but a two-hour back-up coming the other way – back into the US.

Peace Bridge


Early afternoon found us setting up camp at King Waldorf. Our campsite is on a small bluff overlooking the Welland River which feeds into Niagara River. We’re only a mile or so from Niagara Falls.

Since Tim is still recuperating from his gall stone attack, we took it easy today and hung around the campground. We set our lounge chairs with a view of the blue-green waters of the river, and were highly amused as a boat-full of teens decided to disembark and jump off the bridge into the water right in front of us.


Tomorrow we’ll be more adventuresome, and I’m looking forward to touring this area again. This is our 4th trip to Niagara Falls, and we always have a great time!