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Lazy Trail

by Richie

Colter Bay
Grand Teton National Park
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The beautiful thing about motor-homing is that you’re always home. Sleeping in your own comfy bed, a pantry full of favorite foods, clothes hanging neatly in a closet instead of crammed into a suitcase. And when you move from place to place, you never have to unpack.
Or, if you just want to have a lazy day and hang around in your pajamas, no one will argue about it. Today was one of those splendid slug days. Morning broke with a nippy 36 degrees, no reason to hurry out of bed. The campground was pleasantly quiet, so we lolled about with coffee and the Sunday New York Times ($7.50 at the gift shop, and worth every penny).
Around noon, we finally motivated enough to dress and walk a trail for about an hour. Then back to the coach for a wee snack and a nap. Later in the afternoon we took a bigger hike – really more of a slow shamble – around the Colter Bay Loop, stopping every few minutes to enjoy yet another superlative view of the Tetons.
Out on the trail, chubby-faced red squirrels sit low on pine branches and holler “Chat, chat” at passersby. Tiny grasshoppers with bright yellow wings give a loud Snap! as they fly – I called them snaphoppers. We’ve heard tell of bear, but have yet to see one. Probably because we’re singing loud cowboy songs as we walk – the recommended Bear Aware procedure.

Tomorrow we will travel to Yellowstone. We’ve been told that internet signal is very weak out there, so, there could be a delay in posting the blog.


KJMoore September 5, 2012 - 4:39 pm

Great post and wonderful pictures!!

Melissa September 5, 2012 - 2:15 pm

How lovely! Such florid descriptions; I feel like I’m almost there with you.

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