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Colter Bay

by Richie

Colter Bay Village
Grand Teton National Park
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Today we left Jackson and headed north to the far end of Teton National Park. Rich and Claire departed for home, and our friends Paul, Jane, and Frank are on their way to Yellowstone.

What makes the Tetons so extraordinary is that there are no foothills. The mountains heave skyward directly from the valley floor, making for fantastic views at every vantage point. This extensive valley is the “hole” in Jackson Hole. The valley is completely rimmed by mountain ranges, including the Tetons to the west. Indians found the hole so inhospitable they refused to go there in winter.

We are camped at Colter Bay, which is on the northern end of Jackson Lake. This is the best campground we have stayed at so far  – spacious sites set in a conifer forest at the lake’s edge.


Colter Bay is a destination stop in the park. There’s a large visitor center, a gift & grocery store, restaurants, and a marina. We had a lovely lunch here with our friends before they headed north.


Flying Mantis September 4, 2012 - 1:39 am

You two would love it out here! Thanks for following us!

KJMoore September 3, 2012 - 3:02 pm

I am just loving your blog! So glad I finally figured out how to post so you would know I am following you! Have fun!

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