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Lake Ontario

by Richie

Fair Haven Beach State Park, New York
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It was a cool-ish and cloudy day at Lake Ontario. Perfect in fact for doing nothing campside. Had it been sunnier I would have felt obliged to exert myself and swim at the beach – the primary feature of this park. But being a bit still under the weather, the day was better spent resting. Which nobody else complained about.

lake ontario

We did manage a short ride around the park. And strolled on the causeway that separates Lake Ontario from a busy bay dotted with homes and boats. Saw a kid catch a strange little fish. “That’s a gobi,” his mother said. “It’s an invasive species in the lake, so we have to kill it.” And the boy promptly slammed the hapless fish on the concrete pier.

 fish fish

Early evening we grilled our supper and dined picnic style. The remains of the night will be spent watching movies. A fine day of rest!