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Indoor Weather – Garage Zine

by Richie


It’s January. It’s cold. And I’m staying home…specifically in my garage.



In poetry, when you publish a book of your poems it’s called a Chapbook. In photography, it’s called a Monograph. Or, more recently, a Zine – meaning a mini-magazine. I’ve made a few zines in the past. Here’s my latest…


This is a book of abstract photography. It’s all about form and color and light.

You can try to figure out what the object is, but that’s not really the point.

I worked in the garage with the afternoon light coming through the windows. It illuminated simple objects into odd art forms.

Maybe you’re not a fan of this type of photography?

But if you are and you’d like a copy of Garage, I have a limited run available. The zine has 24 photographs of dusty rusty garage stuff – or objets d’art as I like to pretend!

Lemme know what you think…




Melissa January 26, 2024 - 5:27 pm

Oh how fabulous!
I love being left wondering what the heck is that? Gorgeous textures and color composition.
Save me a first issue, please! These are going to be collectibles.

Richie January 26, 2024 - 5:40 pm

You got it, babe! 💖

Melissa January 28, 2024 - 4:15 pm


Lynn Cralle January 23, 2024 - 3:43 pm

Not what I expected, Richie. Well done!

Richie January 23, 2024 - 4:42 pm

Thanks, Lynn! That means a lot coming from you 💖💖

Karen Moore January 23, 2024 - 11:47 am

Those are great! Found objects and great light makes a fun photo! And your artistic eye certainly shines through!!

Richie January 23, 2024 - 4:41 pm

Thanks, Karen! It was a fun winter project!💖💖

Beth Daniels January 23, 2024 - 11:03 am

It’s definitely an awesome collection, too, Richie! Reminds me of what an instructor in a graphics art class sent us out to do…found objects, rubbings of interesting surfaces. I couldn’t look at a magazine for years afterwards without wanting to cut out a part of picture’s background and use it to create something. One year, I did all triangle cut outs and turned them into groups of mismatched Christmas tree “clumps” on the front of Christmas cards. Got lots of comments back about them that year, too.

Excellent eye on your shots as usual!

Richie January 23, 2024 - 4:40 pm

Thanks, Beth!


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