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Yow! Monster Trucks!

by Richie

monster trucks

They’re big. They’re loud. They’re stinky. Monster Trucks!


Just because I love loud oversized machines, I went to the Monster Truck show at Lexington’s Altec Arena.

monster trucks

Tickets were cheap ($30) and I sprung for the extra Pit Pass ($5) which let fans roam around the Monsters and meet the drivers an hour before the show.

There were four trucks in the main show, outsized and jet fueled, with enormous tires and fearless drivers.

Also in the show were Monster Minis piloted by teenage drivers. The Minis were smaller and less dangerous but still took skill and guts to maneuver.

For a fee, you could ride around the arena a couple of times in passenger versions of the Monsters.

Even before the show began, the arena was ear-splitting loud with booming music and revving engines. Hearing protection was advised.

It was a sold-out crowd, and every seat was occupied by the time the national anthem played.

The core of the show was a jumping contest between two Monster Trucks at a time. It lasted about a minute, then there was a long wait between rounds.


The Monster Minis came out and performed little baby jumps. One unlucky teen driver turned his rig over, but crawled out unscathed.

Nothing like the roar of giant engines and a big crowd on a Saturday afternoon!

There was a side-show of Good vs. Evil machines with flame throwers and explosives. The good guys won, in case you were worried.

Another round of jumping Monster Trucks…

monster trucks

Next up, tiny kids raced around the pit with slow moving, child-size four wheelers. These families planned ahead and brought their kid’s vehicles to the show.

A final round with the big boys…

And then the show was over. All that was left was a race to get out of the parking lot.

Now you know what Monster Trucks are all about. It’s loud, it’s stinky, and I went to the show so you don’t have to!



Lois February 7, 2024 - 10:17 pm

Vroom vroom vroom. Better you than me. Great pictures. I feel like I was there.

Beth Daniels February 7, 2024 - 5:00 pm

Thanks for sacrificing yourself to save me from a need to attend, Richie! Too bad you didn’t have access to one of them yesterday when your unmonster vehicle was down in the dumps…or the car equivalent! Still, your driveway would probably make a great monster truck jumping spot!


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