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Guitar Shopping in Nashville

by Richie


If you’re a guitar player there’s no better way to spend your birthday than a shopping trip to Music City. Nashville has a full score of music shops and we visited about thirty of them.

Oh, sorry – Tim is correcting me here. It was only six guitar stores we visited. Seemed like a lot more.

Guitar stores

Cousins Joe and Josh, both guitar players, joined us for the trip. That was a good thing because I can barely tell the difference between a Teleprompter and a Stratolounger.

Oh, sorry -Tim says they’re called Telecaster and Stratocaster.


We jammed all around Nashville’s odd corners, shredding from one guitar store to another, and Tim had a strumming good time shopping for his birthday present. After a strung-out day he selected a beautiful Ivanhoe guitar to go home with.

Oh. Tim says it’s an Ibanez. Anyway, it’s pretty.


Evening found us at the giant Opryland complex where we celebrated Tim’s 30th birthday with a swanky steak dinner.

Oops. He’s correcting me again.


Tim Moore December 15, 2017 - 3:29 pm

Very well done Richie. Haaaaaaaaaaaa…

Richie December 15, 2017 - 5:54 pm

Could ya tell I was out of my depth there? Haha!

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