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by Richie

Kidron, Ohio
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This year’s Big Summer Vacation finds us pointing the compass North. We’ve traded up the scooter for a street-legal Honda Rebel, which will give us a lot more freedom to roam.

We got a jumpstart on Friday and headed a few hours north, stopping for evening to visit to my folks. We celebrated Dad’s birthday a bit early and camped in the driveway under a steady rain. This morning we were off to a leisurely start, after making omelets with his fancy new egg appliance.


Outside of Canton, Ohio, we landed in the little town of Kidron to visit the famous Lehman’s Store. This area easily accommodates both us worldly folks alongside the traditional Amish population. County roads are built with an extra lane for buggies, and we saw many Amish families heading for Saturday gatherings in their carriages.

At Lehman’s we followed the signs for RV parking, but couldn’t find it. So we pulled in at the stockyards next door, happily after the livestock auctions were over. It must have been a lively day, given the depth of the horse apples in the buggy parking section.



We know Lehman’s well, having ordered from their catalog for years to outfit our non-electric cabin. Seems we own half of what’s in the catalog, and want the other half, too! The store is a vast emporium of old-timey and useful goodies. There’s cast iron Dutch ovens, modern and antique pot belly stoves, hardware and farm implements, plus all manner of gardening and kitchen equipment. Shelves are full of hard to find foods, old-fashioned candy, bygone brands of soap and soda. Room after room of great surprises.


My Size Coffee Cup!

We picked up a great selection of weirdo sodas, including Tim’s favorite – Moxie. It’s made with quinine, and if you’ve never tasted Moxie…well, in my opinion, you’re better off!

This evening we are camped at the excellent Evergreen RV Resort. They’ve got outstanding amenities here, including a Dog Wash station. More on this property tomorrow, as we’re staying here two nights before saddling up for our next destination.


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Deckyon July 29, 2013 - 12:23 pm

Haha! That coffee mug is awesome, you could nearly swim in it!

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