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Wyoming Or Bust

by Richie

Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Up at dawn again today. Traveling west through Nebraska, the corn fields give way to grassy prairie, dotted sparsely with cattle.
We missed the big Cabela’s flagship store in Kearney, so we stopped at the one in Sydney. The temperature was in the high 90’s, and we were concerned about leaving the dog in a hot camper. Fortunately, this Cabela’s has a splendid RV park right at the edge of the parking lot. The office was closed, so I slipped a $5 bill with note under the door and we hooked up to their power for an hour. The dog had air conditioning, and we had a good shopping spree.
Gas is getting cheaper the farther west we go. In Wyoming, it’s about 50 cents less than back home. As a rule, we fill up at half a tank.
This evening we’re camped at Terry Bison Ranch. It’s a working buffalo ranch with all kinds of touristy fun on the property. The ranch is laid out like a old-timey western town. There’s a menagerie of animals in a huge corral-like petting zoo. The bison are in fields surrounding the property, and you can take a miniature train ride to see them up close. The RV park is just gravel sites, kind of close together, but that’s okay for the one night we’ll be here.  We had a fine supper at the restaurant – buffalo short ribs for me, and rib eye for Tim.



Shadow eyes the Buffalo

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Unknown August 28, 2012 - 11:42 am

Great photos! Shadow looks at home out on the range.
Grab some buffalo fluff for me–their undercoat makes for delicious yarn.

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