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Strolling & Shopping

by Richie

Asheville, NC
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Each morning, as the frost still lies on the fence posts, I have seen a family of Giant Pileated Woodpeckers begin their day. These are large birds, and they glide effortlessly among the branches, greeting the day with a low, throaty call.
The dog & I took a stroll through the woods following an old logging road. The slope was so gentle that I didn’t realize that we were heading downhill until we reached the paved road at the foot of our mountain. It’s a long climb back up the gravel road to the campground, and the owners have thoughtfully provided a series of encouraging signs.


We spent the day in downtown Asheville, poking about the shops and enjoying the surprisingly hip atmosphere. A splendid blend of eclectic architecture, galleries and boutiques, street musicians, and superb restaurants. Someone said Asheville is “the new Austin, only with a better view.”


Tim found a guitar-like instrument called a Woodrow, a cross between a banjo and a dulcimer. He entertained us later in the coach as we said our goodbyes.