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Rock Cabin Camping

by Richie

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Rock Cabin Camping
Cave City, KY
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A couple of motorcycles. A sweet little campground. And a holiday weekend with friends. It all came together without a lot of fussy planning, and the days unfolded in an easy tempo. A good relaxing Memorial Day weekend. 


Just outside Mammoth Cave National Park, Rock Cabin Camping stands as a testament to a slower-paced way of life. Built in 1928, the tiny cabins have been revamped by owners Ralph & Lina, and were fully occupied this weekend. Between each cabin small RV sites are offered with full-hookup service. And in a neatly mown field just behind the cabins is a large tent camping area.

Owner Ralph and his dog Harvey made everyone feel welcome, making the rounds regularly to chat. His nephew, Ed, provided a great aerial display with radio controlled planes. And as night fell, we were thrilled to discover the nearby tent campers were a troupe of Fire Jugglers who put on stunning show.



Days were spent cruising around on the motorcycles under splendid skies and perfect weather. We toured several caves, had a little picnic in a shady grove, and visited the local shops. Brad and I took a ferry ride with the bikes, crossing Green River which bisects the national park. 



I sure like these kind of trips – unplanned and free form. Just kicking back and enjoying whatever the day brings.



Capt. Tim May 26, 2015 - 5:10 pm

Very cool. Great to see you guys having fun! Love you all

Brad May 26, 2015 - 2:37 pm

Very nice relaxing weekend, even with the ride home in the rain on Monday. Gonna have to do this again!

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