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Nearly Home

by Richie
Middletown, Ohio

We are a few hours from home, stopping over at my folks’ house for the night. We’ve had a great second week of vacation. The first week…hmmm, not so good. Emergency hospital stay for several nights was not the best start to a leisurely vacation.

But we loved our week in southern Ontario and hope to return soon.

We followed the path of the War of 1812, through many coastal towns which saw skirmishes. Back in 1812, Britain was preoccupied with Napoleon and left the Canada colonies unguarded. The Americans were licking their chops to take possession of Lake Erie’s shores, and began a campaign to harass the Canadian settlers. Having enough, General Brock enlisted the help of Chief Tecumseh and his Shawnee warriors, and kicked the Americans back, burning Detroit for good measure.

The Canadians were fond of reminding us, “We won that one, eh.”

Indeed. And you are still winners today.