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Murder In The Barn

by Richie

There was a murder in the barn! Well, a murder mystery play – and not in our barn!

We returned to Shaker Village for dinner and a show at their Meadow View Barn. Seems like we’ve been here a lot this year.

Had to park in a grassy field and walk down a gravel lane to get to the barn. This is why I don’t wear stiletto heels anymore -I’m always trekking across difficult terrain that would ruin a good pair of city shoes.

The barn was set up for dining, along with a sizable stage.

I thought these two were part of the cast, but it turned out they were dinner guests seated at our table.

Dinner was provided by the Trustee’s Table – the excellent restaurant at Shaker Village.

The murder mystery play had a Frankenstein theme. A troupe of professional actors played out the scenes, both on stage and walking among the dinner guests.

The meal was excellent. Main course was Osso Bucco – a dish I used to make way back when. I’ll have to revive that recipe.

I like these kind of date nights – something fun to do on a random weekend.

Even though Shaker Village is a good drive from us, it was worth the trip to have dinner and a show in an unusual setting.

So who dunnit? It was the vampire!



Beth Daniels October 25, 2021 - 10:19 am

The vampire done it? You sure he didn’t just stop by for a drink? 🙂

Richie October 25, 2021 - 1:25 pm


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