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Missed A Mess At Home

by Richie

They say timing is everything in life.  I picked the right time to head out in the RV on a solo trip!


I visited Madison, Indiana where the city campground is right on the Ohio River. Rented a golf cart for a few days so the dog and I could cruise around.


      Meanwhile, back at home – A 100 year old hickory tree fell across the driveway.


The dog and I hiked some of Madison’s rails to trails paths. La-de-da, having a good old time.


      Meanwhile, back home – Tim was trapped and couldn’t leave the farm. The tree fell across 40 feet of driveway.


I spent a day poking around Madison’s historic streets. Did a little shopping. Had Chinese. Good time, la-la-la!


      Meanwhile, at home – A crane had to be called to lift out the tree.


It rained one afternoon, but that didn’t stop the dog and I from sightseeing. Pitter pat on my umbrella.


      Meanwhile, back home – Tim spent two days cutting up limbs with a chainsaw.


From Madison, I headed up to Ohio to visit my dad. We found a lovely park on the banks of the Great Miami River.


      Meanwhile back at home – Contractors showed up suddenly to rebuild the deck.


Dad and I went to a sculpture park and walked around an art fair. Just a lovely day!


      Meanwhile  – Tim had to move all the heavy patio furniture off the deck so the floor boards could be replaced.


Dad and I saw a wonderful philharmonic concert playing show tunes. Fabulous!



      Meanwhile – Tim listened to hammers and saws for several days.


      And then the combine showed up to harvest our corn, with all the noise and dust.


Several days later when I arrived back home, the driveway was clear, the new deck was finished, and the crop was picked.


La-de-dah – I missed all the mess. Great timing!

Now Tim needs a vacation…



Lois October 16, 2021 - 10:38 am

Alan says that you won the trifecta !!!!

Beth Daniels October 9, 2021 - 11:31 am

It was definitely one thing attempting to top the one before that Tim had to deal with, though I think the tree topped it all. Was the sculpture park in Hamilton? If so, I’ve been to it. Geez! the road through it is nerve racking! Narrow, steep and twisting! Sounds like you had lots of fun, though!

Gene Hoffman October 9, 2021 - 10:36 am

Sound to me like Tim had a great time doing guy stuff!

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