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Dog Creek, Nolin Lake KY

by Richie

Cub Run, KY
Dog Creek – Nolin Lake

We spent the weekend at Dog Creek Campground in central KY, on the east end of a sprawling valley flooded to create Nolin Lake.    View Map

Did Ya Know – There are no natural lakes in Kentucky. All are man-made.

There are many campgrounds on Nolin Lake, but lovely little Dog Creek is just the right size to suit us. There are only about 50 electric campsites, each generous in size, with plenty of green space between and thoughtfully angled so you’re not wedged against the neighbors’ clothesline of wet bathing suits.

Dog Creek campground wraps around a cove, and there is direct access to the lake everywhere.  You can slip out your camper door and go jump in the water.  Plenty of folks bring a boat as well.

Half a dozen miles away, motor scooting along serene country roads, we found Webb Mart – a genuine country store with creaky wood floors and old-timers behind the counter. Stacked on shelves, or hanging  from the ceiling you can find “a little bit of everything” from groceries and tackle, to hardware and clothes. There’s even a yard sale aisle and a case of dressed dolls. We bought ice cream cones and a used DVD of 20 western movies.

Not to be missed is nearby Cub Run Cave. Discovered in the 1950’s by a couple of curious boys, ownership was disputed for 50 years by farmers on the properties above the cave. In 2006, the land rights were finally figured out and the cave was opened for public tours.

This is a wet cave, about a mile long, with a spring running throughout. Inside is a delicate ecosystem, replete with spotted salamanders, cave crickets, and tiny brown bats half the size of your thumb.  The tour takes you on wooden walkways built by local Amish to protect the cave floor.  We spent a deliciously cool hour gawking at the fabulous formations.

On the way home our speed was slowed to a charming trot behind several Amish buggies. They tend to make abrupt turns with nary a notice, so keep your distance!