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Country Fun at the County Fair

by Richie

Nelson County Fair
Bardstown, Kentucky

I love these little county fairs! They hearken back to the days of the traveling circus. A whole show that sets up an elaborate extravaganza and then is gone in a few days. While there’s no elephants or trapeze, it’s still very much a traveling show. These carnival folks live a tough life on the road and it must be a hard way to make a living. But everybody around here really looks forward to the County Fair. I hope this summer tradition continues for years to come.

The Nelson County Fair comes around every summer. It’s filled with carnival rides (that I don’t go on) and games of dubious chance (that I don’t play) and greasy fair food (that I don’t eat).  Still, it’s fun to walk around and see all the hubbub. The carnival folks that run the rides and food stalls are pretty friendly people if you take the time to talk with them. They don’t make a lot of money off me, so I should at least thank them for hauling their stuff way out here.


Usually these county fairs include several contests involving livestock or children, which are always crowd pleasers. There’s the prize pig judging, best heifer awards, and the Little Miss & Mister County contest.


A big draw for the Nelson County Fair is the bull riding rodeo. These circuit riding cowboys have an even harder life than the carnival folks because there’s a high chance of injury. Most of the rodeo riders walk with a limp and wear crash helmets. It’s tradition to start the rodeo with a prayer.


Rodeo Timing Official


After a couple of fun-filled hours at the fair it was time to saddle up and ride out before a looming thunderstorm hit. Thanks carny folks, safe travels!