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Chihuly Night at Maker’s Mark

by Richie

Maker’s Mark
Loretto, Kentucky
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Ahhhh…the perfect summer evening: Friends, food, and fine art. All within a bourbon backdrop – Chihuly and Maker’s Mark. Perfect.


makers mark
We arrived at Maker’s Mark just as dusk began to draw. Among the venerable bourbon distilling barns, with the evening air fragrant of mash, we ambled along darkened paths to behold the ethereal works of the great glass artist Dale Chihuly. Chihuly


It was an enchanting experience in the twilight, each sculpture lit aglow. Gratis spirits were thoughtfully supplied, so we strolled along sipping samples of Kentucky’s finest bourbon.
Makers Mark
The Chiluly sculptures were towering, impressive, and colored the night with flowing forms, as if fireworks had frozen at their peak and solidified into glass.



We spent a long time wandering the installation, reluctant to leave. Because what could possibly surpass the wonder of a Chihuly night? Only Lida’s perfect apple pie confection. A work of art unto itself!

There’s still time to visit this splendid exhibit. Chihuly Nights extend through the end of October. Tickets are available at Maker’s Mark – www.makersmark.com. But alas, the pie is all gone.