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Okay, I’m a trespasser. An interloper. Snoop with a lens. 

I wander around old barns and factories. I peek into empty houses and under stadium bleachers. I investigate train tracks, dead end roads, and construction sites. I’ll poke around any place that looks interesting. That’s trespassing, you say. I call it a photo opportunity. 

It’s a victimless crime.

Really, I’m not a vandal, just a camera buff. I’m cautious and respectful when I trespass. Once in a while I get challenged but it usually ends well. It helps to look mostly harmless and be super apologetic when caught. 


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Nelson County Fair
Bardstown, Kentucky

I love these little county fairs! They hearken back to the days of the traveling circus. A whole show that sets up an elaborate extravaganza and then is gone in a few days. While there’s no elephants or trapeze, it’s still very much a traveling show. These carnival folks live a tough life on the road and it must be a hard way to make a living. But everybody around here really looks forward to the County Fair. I hope this summer tradition continues for years to come.

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A Shadowbox of Summer

by Richie

I’m determined to thoroughly enjoy the summer this year. No more hiding in the air conditioning! I’ve been out playing in the water, going to concerts and art shows, and enjoying the company of new and old friends. I’ve even stopped complaining about the heat and having to mow grass. I know, hard to believe!

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Plow Days

“Rooster” and “Hen”


Homeplace on Green River
Campbellsville, Kentucky

I love a good ass.  Jacks, jennys, and mules that is!

There’s something poetic about a trained team of mules – how they move in perfect harmony, each in step with the other and synchronized to their driver’s command. I love how the bridles and buckles flash in the sunlight as the teams bend to the task.  

Plow Days was the perfect venue to see horse-drawn farming in action. Homeplace on Green River hosts the Plow Days festival each spring on a big 220 acre farm. The property was donated to the state of Kentucky for use as an outdoor classroom and many a local youngster has visited here. 


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