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by Richie
Myrtle Beach State Park
South Carolina
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It’s Bike Week at Myrtle Beach! And a great place for a birthday celebration! Hundreds of bikers have arrived to cruise Ocean Boulevard. The campground is full of sweet looking machines. This Fall meet is a bit tamer than Bike Week in the Spring. Cyclists are a little older, more prosperous, and are riding expensive tricked-out machines. More like the Doctors and Lawyers Club than Hells Angels.

Spent the afternoon on the beach with cousins. Deliciously warm day and wonderfully empty beach. Great to be out here in the off-season!

Giant Jellyfish!
We strolled the boardwalk in the evening. Great seafood at Dirty Dons Oyster Bar. Giant Skywheel ferris ride. Lines of motorcycles parked everywhere.

Highlight was a 30,000 sq ft souvenir shop called The Gay Dolphin. Never seen so much stuff in one store. We gawked and gaped at all the merchandise and didn’t buy a thing!


More beach time scheduled for today, including combing the sand for buried treasure with our metal detector.