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At The Beach

by Richie
Turkey Point

Ontario, Canada
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Remember the beach during the 60’s & 70’s?

Simple and unhurried, colorful snack shacks, and a day of family fun.

It’s all still here in Canada.

We had an easygoing afternoon at Turkey Point beach today. The sand was soft and warm, just enough breeze to cool you down, and the water in Long Point Bay was nicely brisk. The swimming area is a sand dune, and the water is never more than waist high. This was a swell beach to hang around for the day, only a mile from our campground.

Strolling down the little strip, there’s just the right number of local shops followed by cute summer homes and old-fashioned motels. You really feel like you’re back in time, and it’s so pleasant not to be overpowered by the noise and commercialism that stinks up most US beach towns nowadays.

We spotted a porch made out of an old speed boat and a motel comprised of ancient campers – you rent the camper as your room for the week.


We really had the bike loaded up today – beach chairs, towels, cooler – and were amazed at just how much stuff we could pack onto the tiny rack. Thumbs up for bungee cords! Our camping pass gave us free parking and beach access for the day, one of the Provincial Park System perks.

Back at camp, our little black squirrel friend is getting bolder and braver and is coming right up to our door now. Since he’s jet black, we’ve named him X12. Fortunately Shadow has not met up with him yet – X12 would not be a happy camper!



Deckyon August 7, 2013 - 9:16 pm

I really like that motorcycle. Looks comfortable for quick rides and meandering about.

Flying Mantis August 8, 2013 - 2:30 am

The Honda Rebel has been great for the short hops we usually do, and it’s small enough to fit on the carrier rack. Wouldn’t want to take it on the interstate tho – it’s only 250cc.

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