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Farewell to Ringling Bros Circus

by Richie

RinglingThe Greatest Show On Earth. Really.


After 145 years, we are bidding farewell to Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. This was the big one – the combination of three famous traveling shows into one giant extravaganza. A real three ring circus. It was P.T. Barnum who said, “A sucker is born every minute.”  And who isn’t a sucker for a big flashy circus show?


But times have changed, I guess. They say the circus isn’t relevant anymore. The elephants have all been retired. The clowns are crying real tears. And the lovely Lady Cannonball will have an interesting resume when she looks for her next job.  c2

This weekend the troupe put on brave smiles as they performed for an enthusiastic crowd in Cincinnati. It was a packed house, filled with delighted kids and adults. Everyone squealed and gasped, clapped and screamed, and had a perfectly relevant time for two fun hours.c7

Just think of it – where else could you see world-class acrobats alongside trained tigers? Nowhere but the under the Big Top! c3


High wire acts, fantastic feats of strength, and prancing camels. Come one come all to the final thrilling performances. Only a few more weeks until the circus is gone for good.

c1Then sweep up the sawdust, reel in the trapeze, and pack away the stuffed elephant toys. It’s the passing of an era. The last we’ll ever see of the big traveling shows, in all their over-the-top splendor of showmanship and sparkling performers.c8

Farewell, Ringling. We are mighty glad to have known you. c5

Say, is it too late to run away and join the circus?