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Rider on the Storm

by Richie

It’s been storming for a month now. Big, rolling storms that ride in from the southwest on fast moving fronts. These late summer storms can be dangerous, spawning tornadoes and fierce winds. Makes you keep a wary eye on the sky.

Usually by now the weather has dried out a bit and we can slow down our endless mowing chores. But this year has been exceptionally wet and steamy and the grass is still growing tall, practically overnight.

All that rain and the hot humid days make for an excellent crop of soybeans, though. Our fields are lush and green and the bean plants are nearly up to my armpits, giving us a bumper crop. Unfortunately this year soybean prices are at a 10 year low due to the trade war tariffs. Don’t get me started…

These endless storms have kept us house-bound and bored. Too hot and steamy to go outside, too wet for a walk. It’s been like this for weeks and I’m starting to go off my rocker.

So while that rocker is unoccupied, I’m trying my hand at chair caning. Caning a seat is a lot like basket weaving – fiddly, time consuming and tedious. Perfect way to ride out another all-day storm!