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by Richie

Wyoming, Ohio
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There’s many reasons we love RV’ing, and the list got a little longer this week. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many RVers have offered their rigs as temporary shelter to embattled East Coast residents. Power, heat, refrigerator, and sleeping quarters all in a rolling relief package. Bravo to the kind souls who lent out their campers to those in need!

In our own little corner of the un-flooded world, a similar need arose this weekend. Some family members drove in to check on their rental property in Cincinnati. The house was empty, no furniture or belongings inside, and they needed a place to stay for the weekend. Easy solution!

I drove the coach up north, and we had a cozy camp-out in the driveway. No need for a hotel or restaurant when all the luxuries are in one park-able package.

Our RV runs on 30 amp power, and we can plug into house current in a pinch. As long as I’m careful not to turn on too many lights or run the microwave, we can function pretty much business as usual.

We stayed comfy and warm, prepared lots of meals & snacks, and watched movies every night. It was our own little hotel in the driveway.

A couple of curious neighbors dropped by and I gave the usual tour of our coach. One gent said he’d been looking at boats recently, and we compared similarities of the amenities. There’s lots of shared design between boats and RVs – judicious use of space, folding tables & sofas, locking storage bins, propane appliances, etc.

But when the need arises, be it natural disaster or just a family visit, I’d sure rather have an RV at our disposal!

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MM November 6, 2012 - 10:30 pm

Better than a hotel, even! Luxuriously comfortable accommodations, delivered where and when you need them. Thank you!

it was fun to see me in the photo!
love you

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