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by Richie

Asheville, NC
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Today was a work day for me. I set up our display booth this morning and worked the Carolina Trade Show from 10 to 2:30. Tim helped with the set-up, and brought over lunch from the coach. It has been a real treat to travel in the motorhome instead of hauling luggage around an airport, and I’ll have to plan this type of biz trip more often!

At the trade shows we always encounter a couple of kooks who want to yak your ear off. Today’s featured player was Buddy the Barking Bigot – a crusty old Tar Heel with a very strange speech tic. He would talk normally at first, then would issue a couple of alarming barks and FINISH THE SENTENCE SHOUTING.
Cornering me, Buddy launched into a series of off-color stories, for which I had no appreciation. He held up one of our novelty products and said to me, “You should take a bunch of these watermelons and…bark bark…SEND ‘EM TO THE WHITE HO– USE!”
Right. Move along now, sir.

We left the Charlotte area late afternoon, traveling under sunny skies back toward the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ever changeable weather turned cold again, sprinkled with light flurries.

Tonight we are camped high up on a mountain in Asheville at Campfire Lodgings resort. The view is spectacular from our site, perched right on the edge of the mountainside. This campground offers rental cabins and yurts, and has a ring of trails I hope to explore later.