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Blacksmith Convention at Troy Ohio

by Richie

The Place: Troy Ohio

A pleasant town along the banks of the placid Miami River.

Once hosted an elaborate canal system that carried goods to Cincinnati.



The Setting: Miami County Fairgrounds

A grand old trotter track, still in operation.

Complete with white-washed stables and training grounds.


The Event: Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil (SOFA) Quad State Round-Up

Celebrating its 40th year of Blacksmith Convention.

Offering metal smith demonstrations, competitions, showcase gallery, and vendors.



The Participants: Blacksmiths of all sizes and shapes, mostly bearded.

Plus spouses who agree to come along for the weekend.


Forging Competition



The Tourist Stops: Hayner Mansion on Water Street

Former home of a prominent Troy family who owned Hayner Distillery, now a museum

Troy Ohio

Hayner Mansion


The Tourist Stops: The Kitchen House on Water Street

Home to the Troy Historical Museum, but mostly a collection of donated items from the 20th century.

And the house might have been part of the Underground Railroad to shelter runaway slaves.



The Tourist Stops: Overfield Tavern on Water Street

Troy’s oldest building, filled with early 19th century antiques.

Also home to a couple of ghosts in the upstairs boarding rooms.




The Landmarks: On Main Street

Troy’s fabulously ornate courthouse.

Eat at K’s – a malt shop since 1935 and the best burgers in town.

And Troy’s pretty downtown shopping district.


Troy Ohio



The Best Part: Before & After the blacksmith convention –

Driveway camping at my parent’s house for a few nights!




Tim Moore September 30, 2017 - 11:32 am

I didn’t see any pictures of Tim’s creations for the competitions or new purchases? Uh. Like always, looks like you guys had a great time.

Richie October 1, 2017 - 12:38 am

Tim didn’t have any entries this year. He did pick up a bunch of rusty implements though!

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